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Unspoilt Puglia, the perfect place to get away from it all

Situated on the ‘heel of the boot’ of Italy, Puglia’s charms are becoming known to those who are open to venturing somewhere a little different in Europe. Our retreats take place in a beautifully converted 17th century farmhouse with views of gently rolling countryside. We're surrounded by four hectares of cultivated, private land which affords us peace and stunning views.

Come to experience the Itria Valley, one of the most striking landscapes of Puglia. The countryside is bright and elemental with endless dry-stone walls, neat vineyards, and ancient olive trees spiraling up from dark red soil.

Our warm and welcoming facilities include a spacious octagonal yoga studio, outdoor swimming pool, kitchen & dining terrace, private patios, lavender garden and vineyard. Accommodation is in the masseria (white farmhouse) and a cluster of iconic trullo apartments. The trullo, unique to Puglia, is a circular stone cottage with a pointy roof. The whole property has a sensual appeal that heightens one’s sense of delight and relaxation. Domesticated farm cats live outdoors and are sometimes fond of a cuddle, as do our splendid farm dogs and a donkey.  

Join me for a week to focus on your yoga!!


A yoga retreat is the perfect way to refresh your body and mind, elevate and dive deep into your yoga practice, and really connect with yourself. It's a wonderful opportunity for reflection, contemplation and deep healing through movement, delicious healthy food and a beautiful natural setting.  

Just as I do in our London classes, I'll guide you through either dynamic, fluid, strengthening or restful yoga classes. But on retreat we have the chance to really immerse ourselves and start to uncover the deeper layers of ourselves and our bodies, and to better observe our reactions and our habits without the distractions of daily life; the impact can be incredibly healing and profound. 

As always, I'll focus on alignment, adaptation of movements to what works best for your body, and keeping lightness and a bit of fun within the reverence of our yoga practice; the beauty of a retreat is the time we have for more stillness, slowness and exploration, which allows a deeper and more connected understanding of ourselves.  

You'll finish the week feeling nourished and truly refreshed.

Flowing yoga

Classes follow a dynamic vinyasa yoga format. We take time to break each pose down, allowing body and mind to absorb the subtleties of each posture, moving through the sequence with grace and strength, unraveling tension in muscles and mind. Each unique practice brings fresh energy, invigorating and awakening you to a deeply satisfying sense of being alive. At the end of each day we come together to practice yoga again, but in a more meditative way that nurtures and restores.

Delicious food to nourish your soul

Being served food that's carefully considered and lovingly prepared is such a rare treat for many people these days. But for us, choosing locally grown produce and transforming ingredients into nourishing and satisfying meals is part of the way we nurture our guests. Many people prefer to avoid over-eating whilst on retreat, which is why we offer a substantial brunch, afternoon tea and a light evening meal. Fruit and nuts are available all day. We eat outside whenever possible so meals are very much a feast for the senses.

Workshops to expand your skills

Depending on your interests and how you want to pace your week, you may wish to try casual session in our kitchen to learn, ask questions and, of course, sample!!

Sublime treatments 

Our exceptionally gifted massage and therapy team is available every day for a wonderfully nurturing experience that would be hard to beat anywhere in the world. 

If you want some help in choosing which therapies to book, we offer some guidance, though the choice will be yours.

Relax, the way you choose

Apart from food, yoga, workshops and treatments, you have lots of options for how to fill your day with a combination of movement, learning, relaxing and enjoying. 


A selection of beaches a short drive away

A half hour in the car and you can be at the coast of Ostuni. This 20 km long strech is known for its clean beaches - it includes some of the most beautiful coastland of Puglia. Perhaps some of our guests have mentioned the possibility of taking a gelato or a cafe...

Vibrant villages at our doorsteps

We're fortunate to be surrounded by tranquil farmland but also to be a short bike ride from the center of Martina Franca - one of the scores charming villages in Puglia. 

how might you spend your time at Kaliyoga


  • Arrivals from 14:00  
  • 5:30 Yoga (1.5 hrs)  
  • 7.30pm Mocktails & supper

Monday - Friday (except Wed)

  • 8.30am Meditation (3 mornings)  
  • 9am Yoga (2 hrs)  
  • 11am Breakfast & free time  
  • 2.30pm Lunch & free time  
  • 5.30pm Yoga / meditation 
  • 7.30pm mocktails and supper


  • Morning yoga  
  • Brunch  
  • Half day free time  
  • Optional excursions & dining out


  • 9am Self-practice yoga (1 hr)  
  • 10am Breakfast  
  • 12am Checkout and farewells
Martina Franca Weather

Infectious warmth

More important than food and yoga and beautiful scenery is the care and warmth that you'll feel at Kaliyoga. Because nothing is more restorative than kindness.

Infectious warmth

More important than food and yoga and beautiful scenery is the care and warmth that you'll feel at Kaliyoga. Because nothing is more restorative than kindness.

Any questions?

Our closest airports are Bari (approx 1h 15 min) which is served directly by Stanstead, Luton and Gatwick airports. Brendisi (approx 1h) is served direcly by Stanstead. We’re happy to arrange transport if you prefer not to rent a car.  

Our nourishing food is vegetarian, gluten free locally sourced and organic whenever possible (we promise you’ll find it delicious and you won’t go hungry!). We’re more than happy accommodate vegans as well as any food allergies. Just let us know in your booking form.

Do contact Louise (louise@kaliyoga.com), our manager at Kaliyoga Spain, with any questions. We’re happy to help!  

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